Courses Taught

Master Courses

During my PhD I integrated the teaching staff for the “Coastal and Shoreline Engineering” Master Course in Montpellier University. There, I was responsible for the teaching of 27 hours of the “Modeling Tools” classes. In these courses I was able to address multiple topics and was given the responsibility for the creation of the courses materials.

Session 01-02:
Getting started with morphodynamics using the XBeach model.
Session 03:
HPC and phase averaged models, SWAN 2DV.
Session 04-05:
Introduction to netCDF data through Delft3D-WAVES outputs.
Session 06-07:
Mastering SLURM for parallel computing using Python.
Session 08:
Solving Berkoff’s equations using RefDif.
Session 09:
Calculating Shoreline changes using GenCade.