About Me

I am a graduated marine engineering student, currently completing a PhD in coastal hydrodynamics at the University of Montpellier, France.

After three years completing the french equivalent of a Higher education program in physics and mathematics, I entered a engineering school specialized in marine engineering. With a double master in sea sciences and environmental risk assessment, I am currently working as a PhD student in the laboratory Géosciences Montpellier.


Hydrodynamic resilience of reef-lagoon systems: a quantitative approach applied to the island of Maupiti (French Polynesia)

Coral reefs are being degraded by anthropogenic pressures and changes in climate and ocean conditions. The protection of the shores and ecosystems sheltered by these reefs depends on numerous hydrodynamic, sedimentary and biological couplings for which a detailed knowledge is necessary.

My subject aims to describe the hydrodynamics of reef lagoon systems and their tendency to maintain specific hydrodynamic properties when subject to variations in various forcings (geometrical changes of the reef island, extreme meteo-marine forcings, bottom friction variations). Since lagoons are very diverse and always fluctuating, the most effective way to study the impact of global change is to define and measure the resilience of the systems at the island scale.

Find more about my PhD subject in the “Complete Research” page.

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