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Hydro-sedimentary vulnerability and resilience of a reef-lagoon system: a quantitative approach applied to the island of Maupiti


Coral reefs are being degraded by anthropogenic pressures and changes in climate and ocean conditions. The protection of the shores and ecosystems sheltered by these reefs depends on numerous hydrodynamic, sedimentary and biological couplings for which a detailed knowledge is necessary.


The objective of this PhD is to provide quantitative indicators of the hydrosedimentary resilience of the system: to measure its propensity to maintain stable physical characteristics for the ecosystem, despite extreme episodes and drift of average parameters. The project will be based firstly on the study of the phenomena at stake and secondly on the implementation of different scenarios of extreme events and global drift to finally deduce the key indicators of the system.



Key Words:

Coastal Hydrodynamics

Frédéric Bouchette, Damien Sous, Samuel Meulé

Resilience, Lagoon Hydrodynamics, Waves, Numerical Modelling.

My thesis work is made possible thanks to the research activities of the GLADYS group on the island of Maupiti, in particular the measurement campaign Maupiti Hoé 2018 and the numerical modelling SWAN-Delft3D of the island.